Socrative Student Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

160120 Socrative Student

Screencast of a process we will use quite frequently in class: 1) launching the Socrative Student app and logging into the course (room 240820) 2) Completing ...

Socrative Student Response System Single Question Tutorial

Socrative is student response system that can be used on any web enabled device. A student can use their PC, Android, tablet, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac, laptop, ...

iPadagogy - App Review - Socrative Full Tutorial This app review and video tutorial looks at Socrative, a fantastic and simple quiz app. This video tutorial takes you through all of ...

Socrative Student

How Socrative looks from student viewpoint.

Socrative, Quizlet, and BrainPOP Jr :Teaching with Google Play for Education

Teacher D. Gradone shares how she uses different digital tools to assess students and differentiate content. She shares the use of Socrative Student as a ...

Kahoot Tutorial

This is a Kahoot! tutorial for Brenham ISD professional development on how fun and easy it is to use in the classroom or training.

How To Cheat On Any Multiple Choice Test

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Top 10 Free Apps for College Students

Blackboard: School: ...

How to Find and Import Socrative Quizzes

How to use Socrative's spreadsheet of quizzes to find and import a quiz into your account.

20 EBC ILT Tips - Socrative for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and OS X!

Daniel Fairbairn, Senior Learning Technology Adviser at East Berkshire College gives an overview of the fantastic Socrative.

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